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This section contains a list of commonly used contracts.

Frequently used contracts

ERC20 token


Token Swap


Getting quote from Uniswap

Defi token trading

Uniswap liquidity provision

Swap oracle

Flash loan

Handle ether and wei currency breakdown

Programming data structures and algorithms

Conditional statements

Array data structures



Variable storage

Generic functions

View getter

Error handling

Function modifier

Event logging

String output

Manage variable store

Attach params to variables

Data type declarations

Constants declarations

Immutable data declarations

Read and write state variables

Object-oriented style programming


Public visibility

Private visibility

Internal functions

External functions

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based functions and implementations

Internal state variables

External State variables

Interface implementation

Payable contract

Fallback contract

Send ether

Callable contracts

Delegatecall contract

Function selector

Contract factory

Try/catch error handling

Simple math library

ABI encode

ABI decode

Keccak-256 hash implementation

Signature verification

Unchecked maths contracts

Ether wallet contract

Multi-sig wallet contract

Slot assembly contract

Uni-directional payment channel

Create2 implementation

Proxy deploy implementation

Merkle tree implementation

Iterable mapping

Bi-directional payment channel

DeFi Applications

Non-fungible token (NFT) English Auction

Multicall smart contracts

Multi delegate call smart contracts

Time lock contract

NFT Ducth auction

Crowdfunding campaign

Uniswap v2 token swap

Uniswap v2 liquidity addition

Uniswap v2 liquidity removal

Uniswap v2 one-sided supply

Uniswap v2 flash swap

Uniswap v3 token swap

Uniswap v3 position minting

Uniswap v3 fee collection from position

Uniswap v3 liquidity management

Uniswap v3 flash loan

Uniswap v3 flash swap arbitrage

Price fetch from Chainlink oracle

Staking smart contract

Discrete staking smart contract

Defi vault implementation

Constant sum automated market maker

Constant product automated market maker

Plutus Sample prompts

Plutus NFT minting

Message logging

Address Monitoring

Plutus native token minting policy

Burning tokens in plutus

On-chain minting policy

Off-chain minting policy

Generic contract in plutus

Trace tokens in plutus

Check math operations in plutus

Minting policy signing in plutus

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